About the Canberra Electronic Music Scene


This page provides an index of the main articles on this site.  Articles about people in or from Canberra making, creating, producing original electronic music. 

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The primary article on the site is this

History of Canberra Electronic Music Artists

It includes a year-by-year listing for songs, tracks, albums and EPs – plus appearances on various artist compilation albums.  The article includes links to many audio files plus links to some video clips.


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Another article is about:

Women of Canberra’s Early Electronic Music Scene

This discusses the numerous ladies who created electronic music, who were nightclub and radio DJs, who organised electronic music nightclub events.  The purpose of this article is to counter presumptions that some younger people have made about the recent past. The reality, as you will read, is that many of the most prominent people in the scenes were female.

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Another article discusses:

What it was like to Produce and Promote Electronic Music in Canberra in the Past

It has a focus on the 1990s and discusses what artists did before the home recording technology became more amazing and so affordable during the 2000s and 2010s.


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