Sounds of the Canberra Electronic Music Scene

This page features links to a selection of pages where you can hear songs, tracks & albums by Canberra Electronic Music Recording Artists.

The links below are to compilation albums.

You will find the greatest number of links to songs, tracks and albums, by many artists, in our big article:
History of Canberra Electronic Music.

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Canberra Electronic Music Compilations

For a great introduction to the diversity of music created by Canberra Electronic Music Artists.
we have produced several compilation albums, see links below to bandcamp pages.
These add up to 4-5 hours of music that you can hear and download for free.

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The “ElectriCity” CD series

In 2003-2004 3 compilation CDs of Canberra electronic music were released.

In 2014 they were made available on Bandcamp in these 4 volumes:

Volume 1

Volume 2

Volume 3

Volume 4

Those 4 volumes cover “the golden age” of Canberra electronic music from about 1994 to 2004.

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This 1998 compilation seems to be the first collection that featured numerous Canberra electronic music artists. They are: EYE, AYA & Lady Hannah Cadaver, Sterile, Ray Cathode, Centrifuge, Keystone.

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Of possible interest, to understand what it was like to produce electronic music in the 1980s and 1990s, see this article:
Recording Electronic Music – The Past Compared to Now

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Future Compilations

We intend to release more compilation collections during 2024-2025, to cover other time spans, such as: from the 1980s to 1995; and from 2004 onwards.

If you have music you would like us to consider for these, send us a message – see contact notes below.

In your message please include:
1] links to audio files that you own the rights to
2] note the year the tracks were produced
3] if they were released, on what, where and when.
We can only consider tracks that you composed and own the rights to.

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If you know of something we could consider adding to the site …

To send a message you can use the email form on the Contact Page
or email ’email’ @ the domain name 🙂


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